Peter Ivanoff has been providing high quality concept art and design for individuals, from small businesswomen to global corporations for over 30 years. He has aided in creating, designing, and visualizing a wide range of products across many industries from consumer goods to hi-tech and beyond.

In addition to supplying high quality storyboards and concept art to the advertising and marketing industries. Peter Ivanoff has played a crucial role as a consultant in collaboration with industry experts and brand managers in brainstorming and visualizing new products for many corporations.

Clients served: Consulting: Oracle, Microsoft, Weyerhauser, Purina.

Sanford LP, Bellwood IL: Projects: Sharpie:new product concepts; Liquid paper: new product concepts; PaperMate:

Consumer Dynamics, Ingram: New York, NY: Armor, Clairol, Colgate-Palmolive, Dean Foods, Dial, Gillette, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft foods, Nestle, Purina, World Kitchen.

Passage Events and Promotions: Seattle, WA.  Ameriquest, Citibank, Nascar, Qwest, Safeco, Safeway, Wamu.

Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve. New York, NY

Digital Kitchen, Seattle, WA

In this dramatically evolving world versatility, adaptability and especially sustainability are ever more important. For this reason, I extend an invitation to businesses of any size who support environmentally sustainable and ethical business practices.

Peter Ivanoff